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Elite Personal Trainer’s Weight Management Systems Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Full Body Consultation:

Total body fat % with Callipers (9-point measurement system)Total cm’s (9 areas)Body WeightElectronic (Tanita scale) fat%, hydration levels, veserial Fat, lean muscle mass, BMR (basal metabolic   rate)Medical Evaluation QuestionnaireLifestyle Questionnaire

Step 2: Designing a Personalized Training Program & Customized Nutritional Guideline.

Programs are designed per your goals.Training programmes are broken down into modules:

Module 1: is based on your current fitness level when joining and comprises mainly of fitness and conditioning.

Module 2: intensity increases, number of exercises increase, THR increases.

Module 3: weights get heavier, reps increase, cardio and intensity increases.

Module 4: maintenance only when target has been successfully achieved.Nutritional Guidelines are designed per individual goals and daily routines.Our nutritional guidelines are not crash diets; they are designed as improved choices and can easily be followed and become a lifestyle.Our nutritional guidelines comprise of 5-6 small meals throughout the day, compiled with the correct balance of proteins, carbs and fats suitable for your specific goal weight.

Step 3: One-on-One Elite Personal Training

Your qualified and experienced Elite Personal Trainer will now start training you.You will be shown how all cardio machines work and how to effectively use them.Your trainer will teach you on the correct execution of all exercises paying strict attention to correct posture, form, technique and breathing.Your trainer will ensure that every exercise done is directly related to your final goal.Your trainer will ensure that all training is done at the optimum THR (target heart rate) which guarantees effective fat loss.Before long you will be training like a professional.

Step 4: Motivation and Support

Possibly the most important step, as most people, when undertaking a training program will give up due to lack of motivation, guidance and support.At the Elite Personal Training Studio it is our mission to ensure that we motivate you every step of the way and provide you with all the professional support necessary to succeed as we understand the difficulties you will experience during such a transformation challenge.

Step 5: Regular Follow-Up Consultations:

This step ensures that you are always progressing and moving closer to your goals.Regular consultations will also enable your personal trainer to make necessary changes if needed to your nutritional guideline and training module so as to stay on target.This will also give us an indication how disciplined you are regarding your daily nutritional intake.Most important these regular consultations are done to keep you motivated when noticing the positive changes that will take place.

Step 6: Supplements and Vitamins.

80-90% of the success of your transformation is directly related to your diet.No matter how hard you train, results will not take place unless you follow the recommended nutritional guideline provided.Eating 5-6 small meals per day can be difficult at times plus most foods today don’t contain all essential micro and macro elements required by your body when exercising.Your personal trainer will thus advise you on the correct use of supplements, which supplements to take, how and when to take them.When undertaking a body transformation challenge the immune system must also be protected, therefore we will also guide you as to the importance of certain vitamins and minerals that must be taken during such a program.

Step 7: Book your Full Body Consultation now by clicking on the button below or you can call us on 084 693 9900

"Only the effective execution of all 7 steps will guarantee a successful transformation. With an Elite Personal Trainer, you will succeed and achieve the best results guaranteed!"